Top Tips When Buying a New Motorbike

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Most people have a hard time when buying new motorbikes. Other than the dilemma of which motorbike to buy, most buyers do not know how to choose a dealer. Below is a comprehensive guide on the various factors to consider when purchasing a new motorcycle.

Choose The Right Bike

Other than deciding the type of bike you need, consider the following: 

  1. What brand will you purchase? Conduct some research to determine the durability of various brands.
  2. Check what problems the bike is likely to develop.
  3. Are the bike's spare parts available in your locality? Moreover, check if you can find repair shops specialising in the bike's repair.
  4. The motorcycle must be affordable to maintain. 

Work With a Reputable Dealer

Review the reputation of various dealers in your locality. You could ask for reviews or browse motorcycle blogs and social media. Alternatively, you could ask for reviews from local motorbike forums. Your dealer should provide after-sales support services such as transport and maintenance. More often than not, the dealer will offer to service the bike for a few months. Ask for guarantees and warranties. For example, if the bike's engine develops chronic failure, the dealer should be ready to replace the motorcycle or its engine for free.


For a new bike, you will require a comprehensive insurance cover. Compare the rates of different insurance companies. If the rates are too high, you may opt to purchase a different type of bike. There are various factors that influence the premium calculation. For instance, a brand that registers a lot of accidents may be subjected to higher premiums. You will also pay more if the bike is expensive.


Compare quotes from a few dealers. Think about extra costs. For example, you may choose to purchase the bike from a dealer who has a higher quote but offers one-year insurance. Pit one dealer against the other to get a fair quote. Most dealers are willing to give a discount to serious customers. To get a good deal on the bike, you could opt to purchase it before the release of a new model. Dealers will give discounts during this period as they clear old stock to make room for new models. 

Finally, remember to ask for a test drive before you make your purchase. Inquire about the bike's operation and ensure all controls work. 

Choosing your dream bike should not be difficult with the above tips. Choose a suitable bike and work with a local motorcycle dealer.