2 Ways to Determine If Your Boat's Marine Engine Mounts Need Replacing

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While trying to enjoy a day out on your boat, you may have noticed that there are loud noises or hard vibrations coming from the engine compartment. At first, you may worry that the engine itself is starting to fail.

However, there is a possibility that the issue lies with the mounts that hold the engine in place. When these mounts become loose or start to deteriorate, they can no longer keep the engine stable. To see if they are the cause of the problems, there are a couple of things that you can do to determine whether the engine mounts need replacing.

1.  Watch the Engine for Excessive Movements During Rough Weather

One way that you can determine whether your boat's engine mounts are going bad and need to be replaced is to observe the engine during rough weather. Even if the mounts are not worn down enough to cause the engine to move on calm days and in smooth water, high winds and stormy days should blatantly show that there is an issue with these parts.

As the waves crash against the boat, the impact normally should not cause the engine to move too much. However, if the mounts are going bad, the engine itself will rock back and forth, which could cause damage to its components if the mounts are not replaced.

2.  Listen for Changes in Engine Sounds While Increasing the Boat's Speed

Another way to ascertain whether the engine mounts need to be replaced is to listen for changes in the engine sounds as you increase the boat's speed. When they are in good condition, the mounts will keep the engine from vibrating too much.

However, if the mounts are bad, the engine will start to vibrate and shake, causing a loud buzzing. There may even be a clunking noise if the mounts are severely damaged. If you notice these sounds, the mounts should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid damage to the engine.

If you find that your boat's engine moves excessively during rough weather, and it makes unusual noises when you speed up, the mounts are most likely to blame for the issue. If you continue to use your boat with failing mounts, you run the risk of having them collapse and cause damage to the engine. Before this happens, contact a store that offers marine engine mounts. You can then speak with a representative to find out what options for new mounts are available to you.