How to Ensure That Your New Motorcycling Hobby Goes Off without a Hitch

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If you want a little more freedom on the open road, you may have decided to cast aside your car or truck and hop aboard a motorcycle instead. This may be the first time that you've taken this approach and you may not know much about this form of transportation, so you need to learn the basics quickly. Crucially, you'll also need to know a little about motorcycle mechanics if you are to maintain the cycle properly and enjoy your new pastime to the full. Where should you start?


The motorcycle is, of course, a lot simpler than its four-wheel driven counterpart, although some rules of thumb remain the same.


For example, you need to change the engine oil in accordance with the manufacturer recommendation and be aware that moisture can build up inside the engine if it is only used at weekends. You may need to flush it out and replace it once per quarter.


Protect the engine by servicing the air filter at recommended intervals as well. A motorcycle engine is particularly exposed to the elements and a damaged filter can allow particles to go straight into the combustion chamber. Buy the best replacement filters available and make sure that they are always clean.


Your bike is fitted with a clutch as well, although it will take some getting used to. You will need to keep the cable lubricated properly, and it will need to be adjusted from time to time when you take the bike in for regular service.


Belt-driven bikes rely on accurate adjustment and you must always ensure that the tension is correct. The belt must be adequately lubricated, but you should clean it before reapplication. You can use a degreaser to do so, but make sure that it is completely dry before you reapply any lubrication.


From a safety perspective, pay particular attention to the brakes. The fluid will need to be changed each year, as it can absorb moisture. The brake pads are crucial, and you must always buy the best replacement parts. Don't let them wear down too far, as this could damage the brake discs and add to your repair bill.

Best Strategy

You'll find that your motorcycling hobby is a lot cheaper than you're used to but don't be tempted to cut corners and remember safety is even more important here. Learn more about buying parts, such as Husqvarna parts, from a supplier near you.