Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

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"police clearance certificate"

 The Police Clearance Certificate is an essential thing for migration purpose. Here we are helping you to get a document of Police Clearance Certificate. PCC is a police records check which performs an essential part in your migration to different countries.

If you want to immigrate to North America, Sydney, New Zealand, Southern African-American, UK, USA, etc. you and your children may have to offer a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), when you publish your program for long lasting home. If you remain in more than six several weeks or more than six several weeks in nations like Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabic, Kuwait, Yemen , Oman etc. . Are needed to get Police Clearance Certificate. Charge workplaces may also ask for accreditation’s from learners and short-term international employees. Helpline Team provides solutions relevant to immigration law and help our customers in acquiring a Police Clearance Certificate  (PCC) from source nations.

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Police Clearance Certificate From Oman

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This certificate is issued to the Omani citizen and resident foreign nationals presently or previously residing in the Sultanate for the following purposes:

Practicing commercial business outside the Sultanate
Obtaining entry visas for certain countries
Immigration to other countries
Working as tourists guide
Joining the University
Other similar purposes

Companies, individuals, Government entities, and all community sections can  get a police clearance certificate from Oman.Please follow Certain steps to get Police clearance certificate to Oman

A. Procedure Steps:

An application  with the assisting information is posted to the Directorate.

A security check is started on the candidate.

A document is released in situations where no information is authorized.

The document is passed over to the candidate in individual or sent by email to the personal deal with if the candidate is outside Oman.

B. Record all forms/applications that need to be finished to implement for the service:

An Application Type is to be posted by Omani excellent or retirees current outside Oman.

A page from the attract of retirees is to be connected.

An Application Type should be loaded in.

What information is required to process ?

A duplicate of the ID cards or the ticket for Omani Nationals.

A duplicate of the ticket or the labor cards for retirees current in Oman.

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Please walk to our customer service center to obtain Billet service to UAE and Oman

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