PCC For Kuwait

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pcc for kuwait

If you have lived or worked in Kuwait and now moving to another country, you may be required to get a
police clearance certificate for Kuwait. For getting Pcc for Kuwait the applicant should submit required documents.
The people from Kuwait and from other countries also required mandatory documents.

Kuwait citizens also required pcc for Kuwait some times. The Kuwait citizens must apply in person
and provide a request letter with two photographs. A copy of your passport and a copy of your resident
visa in Kuwait.Non-Resident Requests can return to Kuwait to apply for the police certificate or send
a representative on your behalf to apply for the police certificate with the required documents listed
below or obtain certificates from a Kuwaiti embassy or consulate by providing the documents required
documents for pcc for are a copy of the passport you used in Kuwait, a copy of your old or expired
resident visa in Kuwait, a copy of your current passport (if applying at a Kuwaiti embassy or consulate),
a copy of your current valid resident permit (if applying at a Kuwaiti embassy or consulate), a fingerprint
form, four photographs; and 10 Kuwaiti dinars. All the documents should be correct and proper to get Pcc
for Kuwait.

Helpline groups of companies are will give you professional service to get pcc for Kuwait.

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Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) From Kuwait

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Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is released on the basis of an unambiguously Good conduct certificate (PCC) Confirmation Review obtained in regard of the ticket held by the candidate.Police clearance is an important thing in migration purpose , a small mistake will affect in seriously for your migration purpose.Let us go through the different steps to obtain the Good conduct certificate (PCC) from Kuwait.

Following steps may be followed to obtain a PCC.

1. Fill the Miscellaneous Service Form 2 issued by the Government of India( Ministry of External Affairs )
2. Mention the service required as ‘PCC for Kuwait’
3. Produce original passport along with 2 photocopies of your passport with the form
4. Produce 2 photocopies of your address proof along with the form
5. Produce 2 photocopies of your PAN Card along with the form
6. Produce t 2 photocopies of your job offer letter along with the form
7. Fill up Personal Particular Form in triplicate, if you haven’t stayed at the present address for last one year
8. Pay the fees .
9. Produce the copy of figure print.

Important note:     The PCC is valid only for 3 months from the day of issue , so plan your PCC a few days before getting the visa

PCC Attestation:

For visit visa Good Conduct Certificate ( PCC )is not required , but for a work permit or business visa, it needs to be attested by Notary, Mantralaya / Home Department/ Ministry of External Affairs ( Not mandatory for Mumbai Visa)/ Kuwait Embassy (Delhi) OR Kuwait Consulate (Mumbai)

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