How To Get Dubai Police Clearance Certificate

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You need to apply for a Criminal Status Certificate or Criminal Clearance Certificate which can be obtained from the Directorate General for Criminal Security, Ministry of Interior  to migrate other countries if you stayed for certain period of time in UAE.  For applying Dubai Police Clearance Certificate, you are requested to hold certain eligibility.

Dubai police clearance certificate is required for the people who lived more than 6 Months in UAE. This states that the employee who does not have any criminal cases or proceedings lodged against him? Certificates of Good Conduct can be obtained from Dubai Police within 2-3 working days for residents within the country. For citizens and residents inside the United Arab Emirates also follow certain rules and submit required documents. They are applicants figure prints and applications forms. If it states that, you are clear from all the criminal activities will be getting Good Conduct Certificate from Dubai. It will take around 35 working days for outside citizens who step to Helpline Group of Companies. We provide service within 15 days also called as Bullet Service.

And the procedure for outside citizens and residents should be different and complicated. You have to submit a copy of the applicant’s passport. If you passport is expired you have to submit the copy of the old passport provided that the previous residence is fixed in it. And you have to take figure print showing the applicant’s ten fingerprints on the official form issued by the competent authority of Police in the country of residence.

Documents required getting dubai police clearance certificate

  • Finger Prints, are issued by police departments.
  • A copy of the passport including all the pages containing the previous residence stamp during the  applicant’s residence in UAE
  • Two Photographs
  • The applicant or one acting on his behalf should submit the documents.
  • Applicable fees
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Dubai Police Clearance Certificate

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To get a Document of Dubai Police Clearance Certificate, a fingerprint must be made legal with the appropriate Indian regulators, posted to the UAE Embassy for legalization and then sent to the appropriate Ministry of Interior agency in the UAE for getting an Dubai Police Clearance Certificate easily.

Getting the Fingerprints Made legal in the Indian .

1. You have to go to any police station in your area and request for a fingerprint form.

2. Obtain the form notarized by a Notary Public.

3. You should have the form authenticated by your state’s Secretary of State.

4. Have the form authenticated by the Govt. Of India.

5. After these actions, please deliver the records to the UAE Embassy for legalisation. Keep an extra copy of each original document Sending the Documents required to get a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate.

Please include the following items:

1.  The fingerprint form legalized by the UAE Embassy

2.  A copy of your previous residence permits in the UAE

3.  A copy of your recent passport

4.  Two (2) colored passport-size photographs

5.  Any required fees (depends on jurisdiction)

HELPLINE GROUP OF COMPANIES can help information your programs through the India, UAE and worldwide systems for identification assessments which can then be used in a distribution for objective of career, citizenship, name changes, immigration law, visas and relevant papers programs.

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