Qatar Police Clearance Certificate – Qatar PCC

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Who Needs a Good conduct certificate (pcc)

In general, you and everyone in your family who is 18 years of age or over need to obtain a police
clearance certificate . You must obtain police clearance from each country or territory where you
have lived for six consecutive months or longer since reaching the age of 18.

The police clearance certificate (PCC) must have been issued no more than three months before you
submit your application. These rules may be different in each country and territory. Qatar police
clearance certificate issue for the people who stayed for the particular time duration. So you must
have to enquire through the concerned embassy or agents . If the original Good conduct certificate
(PCC) is neither in English nor in Arabic or any other language, submit both the certificate and
the original copy of a translation prepared by an accredited translator with your application. Qatar
police clearance certificate need for the purpose of submission to other authorities for the Customs
Department “to work in custom clearance”, to the Ministry of Justice “For opening law offices”, the
Ministry of Finance “exchange companies” and the Ministry of Finance “Veterinarians”, etc. Qatar
police clearance certificate need other purposes other than employment . If the applicant is out of the
country after the Qatar’s resident permit expires he/she must send the proper documents for granting a
Qatar police clearance certificate.

Qatar police clearance certificate need for the purpose of submission outside the country in the case of
immigration or doing business or for study or for any other purpose.

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Qatar Police Clearance Certificate Attestation

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qatar police attestation

Qatar police clearance certificate is a document that says about the applicant’s criminal background.
There are different type Police clearance certificate.

You should spend at a fixed time to apply Qatar police clearance certificate. There certain rules and
regulations to apply Qatar police clearance certificate. There are mandatory Conditions for residents
of other nationalities for men and women as follows. The applicant should bring a certain kind of
document to apply Qatar police clearance certificate.

The following documents must be brought:

• A letter of recommendation from work.

• The Passport and Qatari ID card (if available) and a copy of both cards as well.

• 3 photographs size (4X6cm).

• Fixed application fees.

• A letter of non-objection from the sponsor.

• A letter of non-objection from the sponsor for women and a copy of the sponsor’s passport.

• If the husband works in the Armed Forces or the Ministry Of Interior he must present a prior
approval letter from his work headquarter for the wife to work for the concerned authorities?

• A certificate of good conduct issued by the concerned authorities from the applicant’s country
and documented by the concerned authorities and validated by Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign
Affairs or from the country represented. Excluded from this (those who have been born in
Doha under the condition of bringing a copy of Birth certificate, and who entered the country
under the age of 13 under the condition of bringing a copy of passport indicates the date of
their first entrance to Qatar).

The Qatar police department will cross check all the submitted
documents before issuing the Qatar police Clearance certificate.

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How To Obtain Saudi PCC

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"saudi pcc"

saudi pcc is a certificate issued by the concerned police authorities covering the whole period of the applicant’s residence in Saudi Arabia. It also states whether any time the applicant was arrested due to the criminal case and the nature of each case. PCC is different in each country and territory and may be called police certificates, good conduct certificates, judicial record extracts, PCC, etc. They are issued by police authorities or government departments and used by Citizenship and Immigration to prevent individuals who possess a risk to Country’s security from entering the country while migration.

If you have lived for more than 6 months in Saudi Arabia and planning to move to other countries, you are required to obtain Saudi Police Clearance certificate (saudi pcc).You have to  either  return to Saudi Arabia  to apply for Good conduct certificate (police clearance certificate). Produce below mentioned documents along with applications to Obtain Police Clearance certificate:

  • Two figure prints. (If you are residing outside India need to get attestation on the document from the current residing countries Embassy of Saudi Arabia’s.)
  • Two recent passport-size photographs
  • A copy of your passport Copy including all pages is required.
  •  If you are having a renewed passport, have to submit the copy of both new and old, all pages required.
  • If you have a letter of release from the sponsor in Saudi Arabia.
  • If you have Iqamma copy, produce the copy of the same.
  • If you have exited certificate from Saudi Airport, have to produce the copy of the same.
  • Any other documents that have relevance to your application and application fees.
  • If any other documents are required we will update you at the time requirement.

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Application Form For Police Clearance Certificate

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You need to produce applicable documents Which should be able to say that you  are not having any  criminal background.Please download the documents as below mentioned link . We are providing online application service for Police Clearance Certificate. We will advice you to provide required documents for submitting  online application process.  You can mail the documents to our Email id:

Things required:

  1. You will be getting an application form. You have to fill the form with carefully.
  2. Finger Prints should not says criminal records .
  3. Should not mentioned any criminal background on passport .
  4. Proper submission of application forms.
  5. Identifiable Photographs
  6. Submitting Applicable fees

Download Online application for police clearance certificate

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Instructions For Filling The PCC Application

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Following are the Instructions For Filling The PCC Application:

1) This signature/thumb impact will be scanned and taken in the system. Therefore, it must be kept totally within the box. Illiterate candidates should put their left-hand thumbs impact instead of a signature.  Use right side thumbs in situation the candidate’s

2) In case of minor candidates, this box should contain the minor’s signature or thumbs impact as the situation may be. Minor’s mother and father

3) Use only blue/ black ball point pen for signature.

4 ) Passport Details need to be filled without any mistakes

5 ) Present Residential Address Details should be correct. Please note that heavier penalty is applicable if the applicant provides false information or suppresses information regarding present residential . Current address also should provide.

6) Persons in your village or town or city who knows you and who can be contacted while carrying  out police verification .

Self-attested photocopies of the following documents must be attached along with the PCC      application form:

1) Passport in original with self-attested photocopy of its first two and last two pages

2) Fingerprints details.

3) Applicable fees

Have you ever considered what records and types you need to get your Good Conducting Certificate  (PCC) . If you are confused on the above Instructions For Filling The PCC Application, please come to our customer service center. We are ready to help you as always.

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