Which Q ride training course do you need?

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When you want to start riding a motorcycle, it is important that you have the proper training before you take to the road. Q-ride training will teach you everything you need to know to stay safe and to ride in a way that protects both you and other road users. If you are considering Q-ride training, it is important to know which type of training you need. There are three types of Q-ride courses — each intended for a different level of riding experience. You will need to understand the differences between the courses so that you are able to purchase the right course for your situation.

Pre-Learner Course

The pre-learner Q-ride course is the beginning of your journey and the first step on road to motorcycle riding success. The pre-learner course lasts for two days, and completion is mandatory for those who want to obtain a motorcycle learners licence. The course will teach basic riding techniques and bike handling skills in a safe, controlled environment before you ride on the road. To be eligible to attend the pre-learner course, you must have been in possession of a provisional or car licence for a complete year. You must finish the pre-learner course before you can take the motorcycle knowledge test. Upon successful completion of the motorcycle knowledge test, you will be able to apply for a motorcycle learners licence.  

The Restricted Licence Course

The restricted motorcycle licence course is the follow-up course to the pre-learner and successful completion of the course will allow you to receive the restricted motorcycle licence. If you are a confident bike rider and have held your motorcycle learners licence for more than three months, then you are eligible for the restricted licence course. During the course, you will complete both on- and off-road activities and receive personalized feedback from your instructor.

The Unrestricted (Open) Motorcycle Licence Course

The last step in the process is to apply for your open motorcycle licence. To apply for this licence, you must have already successfully completed the open motorcycle licence course. This half day course is open to all those who have held a restricted licence for two years. The course will reinforce and develop rider skills and knowledge. The instructors will seek to strengthen the technique of the riders through a series of exercises designed to simulate real riding conditions.

Completing the appropriate Q-ride training is the only way to learn how to safely and legally ride a motorcycle on the road.